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Decorating Inspiration And Ideas For Home And Patio | Hemsly


Unique ideas to help enhance all your living spaces. 

Create an inviting Fall centerpiece for your dining table. As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, we turn our thoughts to cozy family togetherness in the home. The holidays are fast approaching. Thanksgiving is a great time to accentuate your dining table, the favorite family gathering spot. Our LED Candles are a great way to add ambiance without dripping wax. With the simple addition of a few faux flowers, pine cones, or leaves, you can quickly and easily create a lovely centerpiece. For a natural look, try our Ivory & Hemp Rope Flameless Candles. Their flickering faux flames will cast a warm inviting glow. Another great option are our Pine Bark Flameless Candles. Their realistic looking wax bark will create an earthy feel to your home... perfect for Fall or Winter. When Christmas rolls around, our Ruby Red Flameless Candles will add colorful seasonal cheer to your mantle, shelf or coffee table.
Warm things up this Fall with the look of natural wood. As the weather turns colder, we are surrounded by the rugged beauty created by nature. Leaves turn wonderful warm colors of russet and gold, or perhaps abandon their host altogether, leaving the stately bare wood of the tree in all it’s glory. Wood decor creates a stylish statement, and can add a feel of warmth to your home. At Hemsly, we have a variety of wood items that are sure to cozy up your rooms. To accentuate your walls, try one of our Metal And Wood Wall Shelves. They come in several shapes and sizes, and varied colors of wood and metal, and will serve as the perfect display for your favorite treasures. Or try our Round Wood Wall Mirror. It is said that mirrors can create depth to a room, by their reflective nature. Another great option is our Artificial Greenery in Real Wood Box. It will make a natural looking centerpiece when displayed on your coffee table, shelf, or windowsill.
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