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Unique ideas to help enhance all your living spaces. 

Artificial indoor plants have never been more popular.  This month’s inspiration page is a reminder that as the seasons change to the Winter months, imitation plants offer a vibrant environment for your home. Artificial plants keep the positive feel of Summer, creating uplifting spaces during the shorter daylight hours. Today’s imitation plants are so much more... fooling the naked eye with superior materials and designs. It’s hard to tell them from the real thing. Hemsly offers a selection of unique orchids at a variety of different price points. From our collection, we offer this Synthetic Two Stem Orchid-Orange, or for a dining table centerpiece we carry a Synthetic Two Stem Orchid-White. Our premium line includes real touch feel  Synthetic Real Touch Orchid.. The flowers on these plants are soft to the touch, adding more authenticity. They come in a variety of rich colors. Orchids are suitable for any space, from a residential foyer, to an upscale hotel lobby. Liven up your space with with these maintenance free florals. 
Organize your office space or den. Due to these uncertain times of Covid 19, many people are working from home, or have children being educated at home. This means more sharing of common living spaces, and utilizing rooms for multiple purposes. Now, more than ever, it is important to keep our homes neat and organized. Hemsly offers a selection of products perfect for such a task. From our organizers collection, we offer a variety of versatile items, like this 4 Tier Wire Mesh organizer. This set of 2 organizers will work well in a variety of rooms... perfect for dens or home offices. Or try our 3 Tier Rolling Basket Set. These multi-purpose rolling utility carts are wonderful helpers for keeping your kid’s schoolwork and toys organized and off the floor. Easily roll them between rooms. They’re also the perfect utility piece for storing files, office supplies, and incoming mail.
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