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    Mini Palm In Ceramic Pot

    Mini artificial palm sits in a ringed, ivory-colored ceramic pot. Brighten up any room with a feel of the tropics. Smaller size is perfect for apartments, dorms or bedrooms. 13.5...

    Artificial Feathery Palm Fronds

    Imitation feathery palm fronds in bright green tones reach gently upward and outward. Comes in a unique, geometrically patterned, black and white, round cement pot. Topped with natural-colored pebbles. A...

    Colossal 54" Artificial Palm

    Artificial sago palm has upright glossy green fronds, divided into thin comb-like fingers. Sits in a rectangular, light beige textured magnesia container. Stately size works well on the shaded front...

    Majestic Sago Palm

    The Sago palm has been around since prehistoric times, but our synthetic palm will fit right in with your modern day decor. Comes in a cylindrical, white cement pot with...

    Artificial Giant 49" Sago Palm

    Synthetic sago palm has upward-arching glossy green fronds divided into long, thin fingers. Seated in its tall cylindrical, light gray container, it really makes a statement. Impressive size works well...
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