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Hemsly Artificial Palms

Artificial Palms

Palm fronds are graceful, sweeping plants that add beauty and texture to whatever space they inhabit. Artificial palms are low-maintenance while keeping all the gorgeous color and form we know and love from this plant. Complete your home with an artificial palm and add a pop of color and natural beauty to your space.

Choosing a Tall or Short Artificial Palm

We offer both tall and short artificial palms—the largest is 54 inches and the smallest 13.5 inches tall. This range of heights ensures you can find the ideal artificial palm for your space, no matter your home decor style. And these faux palms are planted in a range of pots; choose a palm in a pot that is either sleek and modern or textured and colorful.

Tall artificial palms create a beautiful focal point for any space and are especially complementary to rooms with tall ceilings; their height effortlessly fills larger rooms with graceful beauty. The short palms easily fit on coffee tables, kitchen counters, and desks. Complete any room with one of these exquisite, small artificial palms.

Artificial Palms and Your Indoor Decor

Potted plants are an excellent final detail for any home, and artificial palms are an especially unique and beautiful way to customize your space. Add texture to your living room with a tall artificial palm, brighten your kitchen counter with a small palm, or complete your study with one of these graceful plants. Another benefit of choosing artificial palms is you don’t have to worry about maintenance: no water spots on your furniture, no repotting them as they grow, and no making sure they get enough sunlight. Simply place them in your space and enjoy!

Artificial Palms and Your Outdoor Decor

Having a functional outdoor space is so lovely—create a haven for yourself by decorating your porch or patio with a couple of artificial palms. Unlike other plants, you don’t need to worry about watering these palms or keeping them out of the frost. Once you’ve decorated your outdoor space with these faux palms, all you have to do is enjoy them. Choose a tall palm for a statement piece, or a few smaller palms if you prefer a more subtle outdoor decor style.

Hemsly Home Decor

Here at Hemsly, we take pride in all of our high-quality, versatile home decor pieces—and our beautiful artificial palms are no exception. Their various styles, sizes, and colors make them the ideal finishing touch to any room. Choose a palm in a sleek black and white pot if your home

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    Mini Palm In Ceramic Pot

    $44.99 $39.99
    Mini artificial palm sits in a ringed, ivory-colored ceramic pot. Brighten up any room with a feel of the tropics. Smaller size is perfect for apartments, dorms or bedrooms. 13.5...

    Majesty Palm Artificial Plant In Ceramic Pot

    $64.99 $59.99
    Erect spiky pointed leaves complete the graceful fronds and long, arching stems of this artificial majesty palm plant. Seated in a stable cylindrical glazed white ceramic pot, which is ringed...
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