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Hemsly Artificial Palms

Artificial Palm Fronds

Palm fronds are unique and beautiful plants that add an exotic elegance to any space. While many real palms can be hard to grow and require a fair bit of maintenance, artificial palm fronds offer tropical beauty without any of the hassle. Hemsly offers a wide range of artificial palm fronds—this means that, no matter what style you have, we have the right palm for you!

The History of Potted Palms

Incorporating potted palms into indoor and outdoor home decor was very popular in the 1950s. This mid-century fad evoked glamour, Hollywood, and luxury. This style faded away for a while, but, like all good styles, the palm is making a comeback. Add a potted palm to your living room for a touch of texture and glamour, and decorate your outdoor space with them to create a tropical haven.

Faux Palm Fronds and Your Home Decor

Artificial palms add tropical glam to your home while remaining very low maintenance. With faux palms, there’s no need to prune away dead fronds, worry about watering or over-watering, or repositioning so the plant gets enough sun. You can place your artificial palm wherever you want, then just enjoy!

Indoor Decor

Palms have a beauty that translates easily into a variety of home decor styles. Whether you are looking for a splash of green to enhance your modern home, or a unique accent piece to complete your cottage style, the palm is a great choice.


With its neutral colors and minimal furnishings, modern home decor is at its best when potted plants are used throughout the space. The elegance of faux palms are especially at home in this style and add refreshment and color.


This eclectic style usually includes a variety of potted plants. Palm fronds are especially well suited to this style because they add a playful note of tropical glam. Select two different palms from our collection, each in different pots, to best enhance this style.


The cottage style focuses on comfort and hominess. Potted plants fit right in with this type of decor, and palms create a dreamy elegance that goes especially well with this style. Add a tall palm to your living room for a statement piece, or place a smaller palm on your office desk for daily inspiration.

Outdoor Decor

Many of our artificial palms are large enough to create a privacy screen for your outdoor space, while others are small enough to be used as playful accent pieces. Use either or both to transform your outdoor space into a tropical haven!

Hemsly and Your Home Decor

Hemsly’s artificial palm collection ranges from towering palms to smaller potted palms. This range means that, no matter what home decor style you have, we have a potted palm that is an excellent fit for your space. If you have any questions about buying any of our artificial palms, feel free to reach out! And once you have your Hemsly palm settled into your home, please consider taking a picture and tagging us on Instagram! We love seeing how you incorporate our products into your own unique space.

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