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    Synthetic Orchids

    There is no reason to be throwing out stunning orchids every couple of weeks. Instead of buying new orchids every time you go to the grocery store, invest in one of the most natural-looking, synthetic flowers from Hemsly’s home decor. Orchids are known for their glowing, expressive colors and exotic features, such as long stems and short leaves. They can be used for indoor decor, outdoor decor, office decor, and so much more.


    Orchids are the sixth most popular flower to purchase. They come in vibrant colors from a captivating burnt orange, an eye-catching bright yellow, and even a stunning, classic white. Hemsly’s color palette is perfect for any style of decor. You could have the most neutral colors and choose our beautiful baby pink to give the room a dash of color while remaining neutral.


    A classic way to style a bright red synthetic orchid would be to add it to a monochromatic room. The color red is a stand-alone color that is considered the center of attention — red pairs harmoniously with calm colors such as white or light gray. If the room, or hall, is primarily a cool color, Hemsly’s bright red synthetic orchid will steal the room’s attention.


    If you are looking for a perennial color to spice up your decor, Hemsly’s two stem yellow orchid will fit perfectly. The two stem, real touch synthetic orchids will bring a calm yet uplifting vibe to any room all year round.

    Why You Should Use Synthetic Orchids

    The most simple answer is so that they can last forever. But there are other benefits to using artificial plants — they are better for your allergies, they aren’t harmful to your pets, and they are easy to take care of.

    Let’s Talk Allergies

    Around 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation. Allergy symptoms are incredibly uncomfortable and are typically caused by seasonal plants. Synthetic and artificial plants, such as orchids, are beneficial to those 50 million people as they do not bloom. You get the beauty of having plants indoors, but none of the pesky pollen.

    Plants are Harmful to Pets?

    Did you know that there are plants that you might have had in your home that are harmful to your furry family? They can contain poisons that cause uncomfortable side effects and even death. Some of those harmful plants include lilies, cyclamen, kalanchoe, azaleas, autumn crocus, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, dieffenbachia, oleander, and more. Be aware of these plants if your pets can reach them. Investing in synthetic plants eliminates the fear of your pets harming themselves with your decor.

    Easy Care

    There is no light exposure, no proper temperature, no need to worry about watering or feeding your synthetic plants. You will have to clean them every so often, but you won’t have to constantly worry about accidentally killing your plants. They are there to add elegance, not add stress to your life.

    Hemsly’s Synthetic Orchids

    Hemsly offers the most high-quality and realistic synthetic orchids for your home. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us. If you purchase any of our orchids or any products in general, tag us on Instagram! We love to see our customers’ hom
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