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    Boston Fern in Glazed Pot

    Delicate feathery fronds stretch out from this replica Boston fern. Seated in glazed, two-tone ceramic pot topped with moss, this synthetic creation will maintain its healthy appearance without moisture. Approx....

    Dynamic Fern In Ceramic Pot

    Orderly green fronds adorn this artificial fern. Comes in a coiled, glazed white ceramic pot, topped with pebbles. No-maintenance plant alternative. Perfect size for tabletop or desk. Approx. 11 high....

    Fabulous Oversized Synthetic Fern

    Striking green feathery fronds of this tall, synthetic fern reach skyward, from within it's simple, black, square wood container. The simplistic design of the pot makes it work well with...

    Maidenhair Imitation Fern

    Delicate lacy imitative maidenhair fern in a textured white ceramic pot. Real maidenhair ferns are difficult to grow, but not so with this replica plant! No moisture needed. Works well...

    Sprawling Synthetic Fern

    Flowing green synthetic davallia fern sits in a simple, small white round ceramic pot. Works well on top of a bookcase, or raised up on a plant stand on patio....

    Artificial Fern Plant

    Life-like artificial fern with full, green leaves. Comes in a round, dark gray, aged stone look pot with woven texture. Perfect for those sensitive to pollen or allergies! Approx. 20"...
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