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Hemsly Artificial Boxwood Topiary

Topiary adds such a classic, beautiful look to your home or office. The only problem with topiary, is you have to have a healthy plant, take special care of it, and regularly trim the plant to ensure the shape remains intact. 

Unfortunately, most businesses and homeowners alike, don’t have the time to keep up with everything that a topiary requires. So what is the solution? Hemsly has an answer for you: artificial boxwood topiary!  

Here at Hemsly, we have many different shapes and sizes of boxwood topiary. Learn more about our topiary options below.

Indoor Artificial Topiary

Transcending your boxwood topiary inside is the best way to create cohesiveness between the exterior of your home and the interior of your home. Our mini boxwoods are perfect to bring in that serene feeling of being in a garden but inside your home! 

The Boxwood English Plant will brighten up any room with its realistic, faux, light green, and round leaves. Sitting in a natural-looking, light gray cement pot, decorated with a linear pattern, it is the perfect addition to any table or furniture.

Although there are many mini boxwoods on our site, you can also use the larger boxwood topiary indoors. Because our plants are artificial, you won’t need to worry about trimming them indoors, watering them, and best of all, they look and feel lifelike! If you want to add a classy feel inside, you can go with our Regal Boxwood Topiary or our Celestial Boxwood Topiary.

Outdoor Artificial Topiary

One of the best ways to use topiary outdoors is to put it in your entryway. It can take any home from drab to fab! Adding topiary on the sides of your door gives you a symmetrical way to frame your door without doing too much work. Not only will your entryway feel more welcoming, but it also gives your home a pop of color.

Our Lit Conical & Ball Boxwood Topiary is perfect to add to your entryway or even just around your home! The two tiers are shaped with one cone and a ball on the bottom tier. If you want to take it one step further, you can even add lights to this beautiful plant and it will give your home the perfect ambiance, while still giving light to your patio or entryway.

Another item we love for the exterior of a home is our Regal Boxwood Topiary. It gives off an ancient Roman architecture vibe that is perfect for adding that classic look to your home. Especially since it comes with black urn that the perfectly shaped ball sits on top of, it is a very beautiful addition to any home. 


If you are looking for any topiary, look no further. Hemsly has the perfect boxwood topiary for your home, no matter what style you are in need of. If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact us! Stay up to date with all things Hemsly by following our social media or subscribing to our newsletter!

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