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Decorating Your Zoom Background

In the year 2020, it’s fair to say that the art of remote connection has become a top priority. As professionals move into remote offices and families stick close to home, the rise of the Zoom call has been fast...

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Coffee Time is You Time...

Coffee tables make a wonderful accent piece to any living or open space. Many of us take these pieces for granted, but here at Hemsly we pride ourselves on creativity. Here are a couple of inspirational ideas from our team....

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Know Your Succulents

It’s that time again! With the cold winter months ahead of us, we thought you might want to know a little more about our artificial succulents’. The wonderful thing about artificial plants in the home is they bring a sense...

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Gear Up for Patio Season

Summer is just around the corner. Family and friends will start to gather and spend time outside. As you decide to refresh your patio, we’d like to offer up an interesting idea. We carry a wonderful selection of indoor, outdoor plant holders....

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