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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

Your Guide to Home Organization 101

A pristine and organized home is something most people long for but rarely fully pursue. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the mindset that organizing is just too hard or too time-consuming to be a priority.

Unfortunately, when you put home organization aside, clutter has a way of building up and adding stress and anxiety to the home. From not being able to find the items you need at a moment’s notice to the accumulation of tripping hazards—it’s worth taking the time and effort to remove clutter.

Not only does home organization aid in giving some well-deserved peace of mind, but it also eliminates stress and saves on hassle.

If you’re ready to get started on creating a more organized home, take a look at some of our recommended steps for success below!

Break Organization into Smaller Components

Even the most efficient person can find themselves rapidly overwhelmed when they try to take on a home organization project all at once. It likely took time for your home to become disorganized, so the organization process should be given ample time, too!

Instead of approaching your home as a whole, break the organization process down room by room. Create a realistic plan to focus on one room at a time to stay motivated and avoid that awful feeling of being overwhelmed.

Invest in the Products That Make Organization Simple

The prospect of organizing your home can seem complicated, but taking time to purchase a few organizational tools can help. Start with a collection of rolling wire baskets or lightweight shelving units that can seamlessly be added to any room in the home.

Not only are these organizational features easy to move around as needed while you get things together, but they provide a framework for the space that you can use. Commit to only filling these shelves and baskets with home items of specific categories and stick to it!

Eliminate the Excess

As much as you may want to, you simply can’t keep everything. A key to home organization is breaking down your belongings into the essentials.

Many people begin with the six-month rule. Whether you’re organizing your closet, a kitchen drawer, or the garage, it likely needs to go if you haven’t used something in six months.

If it’s hard to let go of sentimental items or apparel, consider the benefits of donating. You’ll remain motivated to get rid of unused items, knowing they’ll be going to someone who could genuinely use them. And as a benefit, these donations are often a write-off on your taxes, too!

Focus on Aesthetics and Function

An organized and efficient home is one that looks great and compartmentalizes belongings well. Items such as decorative shelving units and multi-functional plant stands to enhance the interior decor of a home while also providing a functional purpose.

For example, wall art with built-in shelves can get smaller items off the floor while working as a display piece, too. Plant stands can hold greenery but could also double as a place to keep keys in the entryway.

No matter how small that first step may be, it’s worth taking the time to organize your home!


Home organization can be a struggle, but not when you have amazing products that make it simple! Check out Hemsly’s amazing collection of modern, chic, organizers that will get your home looking clean and organized in no time! If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.
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