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Home Decor Blog

Why Storage is Important When Organizing

It can be a tricky reality to face, but the truth is that clutter in our homes can affect much more than just our usable living space. A constant state of chaos can eventually mess with our overall sense of peace and well-being. When we’re surrounded by clutter, it’s easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and ultimately out of sorts.

Fortunately, there’s an accessible solution to the issue. Taking time to organize your home is key to a clearer mind and more productive days. That is especially true in 2020, when our homes have become havens for work and study alike.

A successful, organized home begins with putting strategic storage options in place while clearing things up at home. Organization doesn’t mean sacrificing style. It’s possible to incorporate storage solutions into living spaces that work well and look amazing too.  

Save Time with Storage That Focuses on Style

Keeping clutter around is a great way to waste time. Constantly searching for those items you need and can’t ever find is frustrating. Instead, swap the stress for stylish storage options that fit into your decor and keep frequently used items in one place. 

Stacked storage baskets placed in the kitchen, living room, or even the closets are a quick and easy way to get miscellaneous items off the floor. Picking metal storage baskets in black mesh finish will fit in well with interior designs that range from modern to rustic.

Make Storage Placement a Priority 

Some homeowners fear that organizing a home is the same as having to discard those well-loved knick-knacks. Fortunately, finding the right storage solutions means you’ll only have to focus on finding items a better place to be displayed, rather than throwing them out. 

Storage solutions such as decorative shelves are a great way to organize meaningful items in a visually appealing fashion. This strategy simultaneously opens up floor space. Even decorative features like multi-tiered garden plant stands can double as shelving options to hold trinkets, car keys, or other items that have a way of getting lost.

Go Vertical and Open up Small Spaces

Living in small spaces can be challenging when it comes to clutter, but not impossible. Think vertical when you’re looking to increase living space while keeping things organized and looking great too. Tall, tiered organizers placed along living room walls provide visually appealing places to set books, plants, and other items that might otherwise take up space on floors, counters, and closets.

Consider Options Beyond the Closet

Far too often, homeowners think that the best way to declutter a home is to simply toss everything into a closet where it’s not easily seen. Unfortunately, this creates more of a hassle over time when items needed in the closet, such as clothing and shoes, are no longer readily accessible through the mess.

Instead, consider moving towards storage options that keep things out in the open but off the ground. Small sets of wire storage baskets can be lifesavers when it comes to accessing necessities like toilet paper, makeup, lotions, and towels in the bathroom. As a bonus, these baskets are easy to move elsewhere when storage is required in other rooms of the home.


If you need help with inspiration or finding the right organizers for you, go to and contact our customer service or look at our inspiration! We look forward to working with you and making your home a decluttered, spacious area for you to live in. If you purchase one of our products and take photos, tag us on Instagram! We love to see how our customers use our products.

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