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Home Decor Blog

Why National Garden Month is Important

April officially rings in National Garden Month, a celebration that green thumbs across the nation look forward to all year long! While gardens are elevated through the month of April, many newcomers to gardening are surprised to learn that gardening’s positive environmental impacts can be found every month of the year.

For some people, gardening is an excellent tool for stress relief. For others, it’s a simple way to spruce up their home’s curb appeal or patio decor.

For the planet, gardening is more than an eye-catching or relaxing practice. It’s a beneficial choice that affects air quality, soil quality, and wildlife alike.

Even Small Gardens Make a Big Difference

While the idea of a sprawling and lush garden that spans acres may be appealing, even small gardens have a lot to give back to the environment. Homeowners who can add just a few plants to their patio have already made a difference.

Plants actively turn carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen through photosynthesis. This means that they are constantly affecting the quality of the air we breathe with every seed that’s planted.

It’s nice to know that filling a decorative plant stand with greenery is more than just putting a finishing touch on great patio décor. It’s also a step towards breathing cleaner, fresher air every single day.

Gardening Gives Birds and Bees Space They Need to Thrive

Gardening is a great way to get out of your head and into nature. It’s also a chance to help wildlife and insects thrive, too!

From honeybees to birds, the greenery and florals that make a garden complete are endlessly appealing to creatures of many kinds. Garden plants are protection for some insects and population motivators for others.

Pairing a bird feeder with your patio decor and garden provides birds with sustenance, as well as a secure place to nest. Simply incorporating a variety of flowers onto outdoor accent tables can draw in the bees that are essential to pollination.

Gardening Sends Soil Some Much-Needed Love, Too

If you have the opportunity to move plants and flowers beyond being patio decor features and out into the yard, be sure to do it! The roots of plants work wonders when it comes to preventing soil erosion.

This can be particularly helpful if you live in an area that receives significant annual rainfall.  Instead of simply washing away, roots bind the soil together, creating a more robust environment for future growth.

Give Gardening a Try

This April, enjoy National Garden Month with a new appreciation for how much of a difference gardening can make in the world we all share. It’s incredible for mental health, stress relief, home aesthetics, and the environment, too.

Whether you’re planting a few flowers to fit into your patio decor or you opt to start a full garden in the yard—you’ll be directly contributing to the welfare of the planet.

Set out on a solo gardening mission or get the entire family involved this year. Either way, it’s something to feel great about that gives back to the planet that gives us so much.


Whether you are just getting started in the gardening world or an expert, Hemsly can help you get started with our amazing plant stands or even bring your garden indoors with our artificial plants! If you are having trouble purchasing a product, contact us today!

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