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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

Why Figurines Make the Best Home Decor

When we look through glossy magazine pages, it’s easy to covet the stylishly chic aesthetic embodied within. As you decorate your own home, you have likely put in lots of time and effort to select the perfect furniture and finishes. But even if you have impeccable taste, you may feel like something is lacking when all is said and done. 

So what’s the missing ingredient? Character! No amount of gorgeous design can make a space feel comfortable and welcoming; it’s the little and unique decorative touches that transform a house into a home. 

Today, we’ll discuss the ways that simple additions, like home decor figurines, can help to define your style.

They Give Insight into Your Interests

Figurines are defined as small statuettes that have been carved or molded into a certain shape. These ornamental sculptures come in a variety of styles, and the ones that you choose can make your home feel unique to you. 

If you love to travel, a silver-toned Eiffel tower statuette can visually convey that particular character trait. Placing it on a mantel adjacent to silver mirrored LED candles is a clever and subtle way to pay homage to the City of Lights. 

They’re a Conversation Starter

If you enjoy entertaining people in your home, unique home decor figurines can be great icebreakers during a lull in the conversation. If you enjoy thrift-shopping, the unusual figurines you collect will already come equipped with a built-in backstory. Even newer statuettes, like a glazed ceramic spaceman, might inspire a new topic to discuss. 

They Can Stand in for the Real Thing

Many animal lovers in the world are unable to adopt pets for a variety of reasons. Family members with allergies, landlords with no-pet policies, and demanding careers are just some of the roadblocks that they may encounter. 

Home decor figurines that are shaped like animals are in no way a substitution for a real pet, but they can still bring joy in their own way. Figurines like a French bulldog doing yoga can add a touch of whimsy to your decor, as will a cat statuette that seems to demand affection.

They’re an Accessible Way to Embrace New Trends

Trends in interior design are constantly shifting. Even devoted enthusiasts don’t completely replace their furnishings as different styles come into vogue. Cycling out smaller home decor figurines is a simple and cost-effective way to refresh your home.

They Can Bring You Luck

Home decor figurines are often present in interior design plans that incorporate feng shui. An intricately-detailed ceramic elephant figurine may bring you wealth and good luck. 

Hemsly Helps You to Find the Best Home Decor Figurines

Decorating your home isn’t a one-time task. As interior design trends change and as your own personal taste evolves, you may find that you’re ready to explore new styles. Hemsly scours the globe to find accessible and unique home decor items that guide you through your style journey. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our home decor figurines and other wares.
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