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Home Decor Blog

Why Artificial Plants Make the Best Bathroom Decor

When it comes to home decor, plenty of attention is given to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. It’s fair to say that sometimes, much less decorative attention can be given to bathrooms.

Bathrooms can be viewed as rooms to be avoided unless needed. However, the many purposes bathrooms serve daily merit them far more aesthetic attention than they generally get.

Adding small, decorative touches to a bathroom can go a long way towards transforming it into a more enjoyable space. Including artificial greenery and faux plants in bathrooms is a simple yet highly effective home decor choice for a room that often gets overlooked.

Artificial Greenery Creates a Spa-Inspired Aesthetic 

Whether it’s time spent getting ready in front of the mirror, or a soak at the end of a long day, the bathroom is a place used for many restorative treatments. If the bathroom functions like a spa, there’s no reason not to treat it as such when it comes to home decor standards.

Strategically placed artificial greenery throughout the bathroom has a way of upgrading the feel from standard to spa-inspired without much effort at all. Some sprouted ornamental grass on the counter paired with a natural-style Eucalyptus can go a long way towards creating a space where Zen can be found with ease.

Natural Appeal is Easy to Highlight in Your Home Decor

Artificial plants bring the beauty of the outdoors right inside throughout the home, and the bathroom is no exception to the rule. In fact, artificial greenery has a way of standing out even more in a bathroom, which tends to be otherwise dominated by sleek and hard surfaces.

A pair of tall standing plants next to the sink or shower can bring in the appeal of the great outdoors without taking up much functional space. Equally intriguing might be the inclusion of an extended wood box with greenery inside across the back of the sink or on top of a storage cabinet.

Enhance the Existing Color and Style Strategies

No matter what type of home you call your own, the inclusion of artificial greenery and faux plants in a bathroom automatically upgrades the existing color and style. Even the ultimate bachelor pad can find itself on the receiving end of a decorative touch-up with this simple strategy!

Imitation grass blades or small succulents are excellent choices when you’re aiming for a masculine edge to decor. These additions have a way of bringing just the right amount of color and texture to the overall look.

Highlight Dimension and Texture with Artificial Plants

Even a simple collection of artificial plants can be used to create a unique aesthetic in a bathroom when displayed at varying levels. It doesn’t take long to create an eye-catching look to enjoy each day as you get ready or wind down.

Consider placing small artificial plants at different levels throughout the bathroom using a variety of shelving options or plant stands. Whether you go exclusively with greenery or incorporate an artificial flower or two, it’s a good way to highlight different textures and dimensions.


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