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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

What Your Home Decor Says About You

The home you live in is more than a mere collection of static furnishings. In so many ways, it’s designed to reflect the residents within.

Even if it doesn’t happen intentionally, personality is often something that shines through the decor used to turn a house into a home. Empty, drab walls or an item that’s seemingly out of balance can speak volumes about our personal experiences, preferences, and ideals.

Whatever the message may ultimately be, it’s worth looking into further. So what do you want your home to say about you? As you consider the message you want to send through your home, take a look at some of the broad categories of statements that you can make through your decor.

Transitional Decor Says You’re Good with Change

Some people may say that a shelf is just a shelf, but this isn’t always the case in the home decor’s intricate world. It’s often inferred that people who decorate their walls with unique shelving that provides options to mix, match, and swap out displayed pieces are very much open to change in life.

The same goes for mobile displays and cabinets that can be pushed from room to room when it’s time to change up a home’s look. This commitment to easy transitions is often applicable in other areas of a decorator’s life, as well!

Travel-Inspired Home Decor Speaks to Your Sense of Adventure

Some home decor concepts lean towards minimalist design, while other homes are brimming over with decor inspired by far-flung destinations. Including travel-inspired pieces in your design concept can say a lot about where you’ve been and where you’re hoping to go in the future.

An even spattering of personal travel memorabilia and global home decor items indicates you have an adventurous spirit and are longing to discover more. A globe situated on a study desk is a fairly clear sign that both travel and adventure cross your mind regularly.

An Abundance of Greenery Speaks to a Vibrant and Renewed Outlook on Life

Homes that welcome an abundance of greenery tend to belong to individuals who value the idea of bringing the outdoors in. This often points to someone who chooses to take a fresh approach to life and appreciates opportunities for renewal.

Whether your home decor includes live plants or a collection of faux ornamental grasses doesn’t make much of a difference. Either way, greenery communicates a thriving sense of hope and potential for continuous growth in the home.

Geometric Patterns and Simple Lines Let Everyone Know You Value Organization

People that are drawn to home decor styles that lean heavily into geometric patterns and simple lines often appreciate simplicity and organization in their lives. Straight-forward patterns and architecture of pieces like end tables, cabinets, and shelving can bring comfort in their own way.

A Mismatched Piece Could Point to Uncertainty

When there’s a glaring mismatch in home decor, it can also be an indicator of things that a homeowner is feeling or experiencing. For example, a welcome sign hung on a wall without any other inviting furniture or accent items in the home is bound to stand out as misplaced.

A mismatched item may indicate uncertainty in someone’s life. Putting that one item up is more of an attempt to create a positive image—but the effort falls short without anything complimentary to support it in the space.


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