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Home Decor Blog

What You Need to Know When Buying Artificial Plants

Greenery has a way of brightening up a home and creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. That said, not every homeowner prides themselves on having a green thumb!

The prospect of keeping plants alive long enough to look great on a windowsill can be daunting to those who are less inclined toward plant care. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a horticulture enthusiast to make the most of interior greenery; in most cases, artificial plants work just as well!

People who turn to artificial plants can avoid the watering and seasonal limitations linked to real plants and instead focus on the creation of amazing aesthetic results by using artificial ones. While artificial plants are readily available to purchase at many places, there are some important things that you should know ahead of time to maximize the look of the plants that you choose.

Placement Matters with Artificial Plants

Even the most authentic-looking artificial plants can look a bit odd in a home when placement isn’t prioritized. Just like a real plant, artificial plants should be set in those areas of the home where real plants would naturally thrive when you want to create a seamless and authentic final look.

Consider placing artificial plants near windows and sunlight sources and even intermixing them with real plants for a texturized design. Balancing large artificial plants like a Monstera alongside smaller succulents on end tables also works to balance out greenery.

Some Artificial Plants Work Better Indoors

Artificial plants can easily be used to spruce up outdoor patios, but some are better suited for the inside of a home. Depending on what type of material is used to create the plants, there may be a tendency for leaves and petals to fade over time if they are put in direct sunlight outdoors.

If you want to enhance your outdoor living space or front porch with artificial plants, consider leaning more towards boxwood topiaries that are produced to withstand the elements. Floral options like synthetic orchids or even smaller succulents are generally crafted for display inside.

You’ll Have to Clean Them Regularly

Including artificial plants in your home decor can eliminate the need for watering, but you’ll still want to plan on dusting your artificial plants regularly. Over time, dust particles cling to artificial plant leaves, which can dull their appearance.

A damp washcloth is all that it should take to get these plants looking their best. A quick swipe with a duster will add a desirable shine to the petals, too! If you’ve invested in artificial plants produced with silk, buying and using a specialized silk cleaner is always recommended.


Hemsly offers a wide range of artificial plants. We guarantee that you will find a plant that you love for your home, and won’t have to worry about it dying! The amount of light and water it gets will never have to cross your mind. Visit Hemsly’s artificial plant page or contact us for more information.
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