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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

What is Color Theory and How Can it Affect Your Home Decor?

Whether you’re walking into an art gallery or your very own home, colors play an important role in the way that we experience the world. Ultimately, colors are much more than just the hues we’re drawn to.

Colors have the power to capture or create an entire mood! The right combination of colors can enhance or reduce the feeling of space that’s available. Interior designers regularly turn to the concept of color theory when it’s time to create a space where color and home decor are perfectly paired. 

What is Color Theory?

Boiled down to its most basic elements, color theory is a collection of guidelines and rules that designers turn to when they’re trying to evoke certain emotions through color combinations used within home decor. The theory is based on the belief that colors are linked not only to a person’s optical ability but also to their psychology and connections to culture.

Within the theory, colors capture different feelings, and varying hues of the same color can evolve those sentiments fluidly. The theory also sets up a pattern of pairing certain colors to create harmonious results. A color wheel is often referred to when trying to find just the right combination of shades.

Emotions and Atmospheres Linked to Color

Knowing the vibe you’d like to instill when you walk into a room is sometimes a better starting point than simply choosing a color. For example, those who are looking to create an energetic atmosphere may want to consider vibrant red walls in a room.

For a cozier atmosphere, toning down the red to include softer hues for wall art or pillows can transition the color’s influence towards a sense of warm comfort and welcome. Designers will often incorporate undertones of purple alongside red to add a touch of tranquility to a room or space.

Within the realm of color theory, some hues even have the power to influence appetite! It’s not uncommon to come across shades of orange used in dining rooms and kitchens. It’s believed that this color can get the taste buds watering and your stomach rumbling.

While yellow hues can brighten up a room with positive energy, incorporating green is a strategy used when designers are looking to invoke feelings of natural beauty—frequently associated with balance and harmony. 

Where blues tend to be soothing, stark black and white color contrasts create a sense of control and organization.

Incorporating Color into Home Decor

Crafting home decor that thrills comes down to pairing those pieces you love with colors that capture the mood you’re looking to enjoy. Sometimes, it’s not about drastic color changes but rather subtle pops of color that elevate an atmosphere.

Incorporating some quality artificial greenery into your home decor can add a tranquil, natural touch to even the most spacious of rooms. Bringing a little energy into a space may not require an entire wall to be painted red when a stunning red orchid on the dining room table can inspire the same results!

Looking for clean lines and organized style without making all of your home decor black and white? Consider some well-placed geometric end tables throughout a room to achieve the same delightful aesthetic.

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