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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

Tips on Home Storage for Small Living Spaces

There are seasons of life when space just isn’t abundantly available. For some, the small space living experience happens when heading to a college dorm for the first time. For others, inhabiting an apartment with limited square footage is typically a time when space is a precious commodity.

Whether you’re moving into a starter home or downgrading to save up, that’s when getting smart with storage and organization strategies is more important than ever. Yes, you might have to get creative, but investing some time in storage and organization that works in small spaces is undoubtedly better than living in chaos. Even in the smallest home, there should always be a place to hang your coat.

Get Shelves That Organize and Double as Wall Decor

Many people assume that living in a small space means having to get rid of all the excess. That might even include swapping the decorative pieces for the bare essentials.

Fortunately, a smart approach to storage and organization proves that theory wrong. While narrowing down belonging is usually a good idea, there’s no reason to go without those less-essential items that you simply love.

Instead, consider investing in some tremendous decorative shelving options. These look amazing on the wall and get smaller items up and off the ground too. 

This storage and organization strategy clears up floor space for larger pieces of furniture but doesn’t eliminate decor from the equation. Ultimately, a bare wall offers up an endless amount of decorative shelving potential for displaying aesthetically pleasing items.

Storage and Organization Options That Roll

There’s a tendency to depend on large and bulky storage items when you have a lot to stow away. In theory, it makes sense, but unfortunately, small spaces can’t handle massive pieces like dressers, wardrobes, or standing cabinets.

If you find yourself living in a small space, try storage and organization options that roll instead! Rolling organizers are ideal for apparel, books, accessories, and even shoes that can otherwise clutter a small living space.

These organizers are easy to move around to different spaces as needed. When you’re not using them, you can simply push them to a far corner so that they remain out of the way.

If you find you need even more floor space but don’t want to give up any storage, you can also elevate these lightweight designs. A few hooks in the wall provide a place to hang tiered organizers, which you can remove whenever you’d like.

Tiered Plant Stands as a Bedside Table

Organizing a small space comes down to the creative details. You’ll need to ask yourself regularly, how can I maximize use while minimizing space usage? Sometimes, this begins with repurposing another household item.

For example, consider swapping out a bulky bedside table for a multi-tiered plant stand instead. This simple swap provides you with more surface space to place bedside items and reduces the floor space you use.

Plant stands are lightweight alternatives to bedside tables that come in unique design options too. It’s a great way to enhance style while opening up space in the room.

Hemsly Home Storage

Hemsly has various options for your home, whether it is large or small. If you are going to college or getting your first apartment, Hemsly is here for you! Contact us today to get started!

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