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Home Decor Blog

The Secret to Decorating with Artificial Plants

Incorporating live greenery into a home’s decor is a wonderful way to freshen up the overall aesthetic. That said, not everyone is a natural at keeping plants alive for very long. When you’re hoping to bring the outdoors in but could do without the hassle of watering or allergy issues, consider decorating with artificial plants instead.

Not only are artificial plants wonderfully appealing, but the vibrant touch they infuse into decor lasts year-round without any added stress. A few well-placed faux plants can go a long way when it comes to brightening up your space. Knowing how and where to position them in a home can make all the difference.

Set Artificial Plants on Unique Plant Stands

Whether you prefer a design that’s bold or elegant, rustic-chic, or modern, placing artificial plants on an eye-catching plant stand is the way to go. Plant stands are a simple way to raise faux greenery closer to eye-level for admiring while also adding a decorative touch to any space. As a bonus, plant stands are easy to move around when it’s time to rearrange a room.

Focus on Areas Filled with Natural Light

Placing artificial plants in areas throughout the home that are flooded with natural light is a great route towards creating a more authentic look. Setting up faux greenery in areas where real plants would thrive adds a realistic touch and creates a more natural-looking result.

Invest in High-Quality Artificial Plants

Yes, it’s possible to pick up an inexpensive artificial bloom to place in a vase, but when you want artificial plants to reflect the same quality as real plants, it’s worth investing in the right choice. Keep your eyes open for those that mimic real plants' movement and shape while also imitating true-to-life colors. Investing in high-quality artificial plants often means they’ll last longer as well without worry of fading.

Add Generously to Vases

When you don’t have to worry about water levels, it’s easy to fill vases of all types with artificial plants around the home. This is a simple strategy when you’re hoping to balance out greenery with splashes of color. Mix and match fun vases to create a bold decorative look that’s softened with faux greenery spilling over the sides. These plant-filled vases are easy to move between shelves, corners, and tables as needed.

Fill in Wreaths and Wall Hangings

If you’ve got a country-chic aesthetic in mind, artificial plants are just the right addition to fill out wreaths and wall hangings. From seasonal wreaths on the front door to spruce up a fence surrounding the garden patio, artificial plants can be tucked into prefabricated decor with ease.

Mix Artificial Plants and Real Plants

Just because you’ve decided to go the way of artificial plants doesn’t mean real plants have to be left out of the decorative equation entirely. Faux greenery and real plants go hand-in-hand when the color, textures, and structures of each are complimentary. 

Consider pairing a faux orchid with live plants on a shelf in the living room for a pop of color. Go ahead and fill in the corners of a home with a combination of real and artificial standing plants for volume, texture, and a playful design.


We at Hemsly know how hard it is to take care of real plants. You may not have the right sunlight, or the correct temperatures for all your different plants. That’s why we wanted to offer artificial plants that will allow you to have the look and feel of real plants, while not having the responsibility. If you have any questions, contact our customer care team. If you purchase one of our products, please tag us on Instagram. We look forward to seeing how our customers style our products!

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