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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

Personalize Your Home With These 4 Tips!

Making sure your home is furnished with all the essentials is key to comfortable living. However, even a home with the most elegant home decor and collection of furnishings can still be lacking in those personalized details that transform a house into a true home.

Personalizing home decor starts with incorporating meaningful design elements that let you fully display your style and taste.

Small changes that show off your life experiences or preferences can go a long way towards creating that personalized and cozy vibe so many are aiming for within their home decor standards. The following are five tips to consider trying out!

1. Add Shelves to Empty Wall Space

An empty wall is a home decor opportunity to showcase your style in abundance. Adding shelves to this otherwise impersonal space and filling them with sentimental trinkets is a great and simple way to highlight your particular sense of taste!

2. Display Artificial Flower You Love

Often, personalizing your home starts with uniquely showcasing your interests. For example, adding artificial flowers into your home decor is an excellent place to start if you love color and nature. Whether it’s an orange orchid on the kitchen table or a towering faux palm in the living room, bringing the outdoors inside adds a personalized touch to the home that doesn’t require any watering.

3. Make Your Memories Mobile with Smart Storage Options

It’s easy to want to hide clutter away in the name of keeping a pristine home. However, there’s a good chance some of the clutter actually says a lot about your life experiences. So you should bring some important items in the open as decorations.

Consider putting trinkets you’ve picked up during your travels or artwork your children have made in school into a rolling basket organizer

That is an excellent way to get fun items on display and clean up the clutter, too. In addition, storage of this type gives others a glimpse into meaningful parts of your life, and it can all easily be moved from place to place as needed.

4. Let Family Photos Tell Your Story

Nothing incorporates more personality into home decor than photos. Filling shelves, mantles, and even empty walls with framed photographs is a great way to create a lens into your life. It’s a simple strategy that adds a personalized touch to home decor that’s all your own.

For a more modern take on this personalized design feature, consider printing family photos in black and white and creating a photo wall where every image is framed in silver and gold. Alternatively, finishing each photo with a bold, colorful frame can create a more eclectic final look.

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