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Home Decor Blog

How to Spice Up Your Patio With Decor for an Outdoor Party

Anytime the weather takes a turn for the mild, a home’s patio becomes the perfect place to host a dinner party. Whether you’re gathering with family or friends, the patio is a great place to enjoy good food and great company. Knowing it’s all served up with a side of fresh air makes the experience even better!

Of course, incorporating exceptional patio decor into the picture is step one when dinner party plans are beginning to come together. Even if your outdoor surroundings aren’t ideal, a little patio decor can go a long way towards turning an alfresco dinner party into an unforgettable event.

Incorporate Greenery Wherever Possible

There’s no such thing as too much greenery when you’re transforming a patio into the perfect dinner party setting. When it comes to effective patio decor options, the greenery you incorporate doesn’t even have to require anything in the way of watering or care.

Consider placing a few artificial succulents on the patio table to add the look of natural beauty to the table setting. Scattering potted artificial greenery near the arms of patio chairs and furniture can brighten up your space, too.

Are you hoping to make a real impact on guests? Line the perimeter of the patio with towering artificial palms! You’ll have everyone feeling like they’re getting dinner on a private island in no time.

Add Floral Details to the Patio Decor 

When it’s time to spruce up your patio decor, a pop of color goes a long way. Stick with the outdoor theme while adding a vibrant hue into the mix by incorporating floral details wherever you see fit.

A bold artificial orchid on the dining table is a lovely touch that creates an easy focal point. Alternatively, a full bloom orchid selection in white could be the right choice if the rest of the patio decor is relatively colorful. 

Hang a Decorative Bird Feeder

Sometimes the best way to spice up patio décor for a dinner party is to incorporate elements that let nature take care of the scenery for you! A perfect example would be hanging a decorative bird feeder or two around the patio’s edges.

Beautiful bird feeders will invite guests to feel that they’ve stepped into a hidden away garden when they drop by for dinner. If the timing’s right, the arrival of winged friends during the festivities to grab a bite too could be a welcome treat!

Not overly excited about the idea of birds being a part of your dinner event? That’s ok! Even an empty decorative bird feeder sets the natural scene and can be a great way to include unique design elements into the mix. 

Accent Tables Filled with Goodies

A dinner party should be fun, but it should also feature some tasty food options. Highlighting savory appetizers before the main course arrives is quickly done when you place a few strategic accent tables filled with goodies around the patio. 

accent tables are easily arranged and offer up decorative display space for treats that are sure to tantalize your guest’s taste buds. Mix in some vintage pieces between the plates to enhance the charming ambiance your guests have come to enjoy.


If you are looking for the perfect patio decor for your next outdoor event, contact Hemsly today! We are here to fulfill your decor list and look forward to helping you throw the party of the summer! 

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