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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

How to Correctly Add Floral Arrangements to Your Home

Brightening up home decor is a great way to create a more welcoming and vibrant living space. Fortunately, achieving a refreshed and brighter look in your home doesn’t have to be a complete renovation.

Floral arrangements are a simple addition to any room when you’re looking to incorporate color and texture. A well-placed floral arrangement is effective whether they’re used to complement the existing home decor or stand-alone.

Placement, color, and style are all key to successfully incorporating floral arrangements into home decor. The following are just a few tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to upgrade your home year-round with the help of florals.

Start Simple with Floral Arrangements and Home Decor

It’s easy to assume that incorporating floral arrangements into home decor means immediately heading to the florist. While live flower arrangements are always an option, we have to be honest with ourselves. Will we really take good care of this plant? 

Without a lot of time on their hands for watering flowers, or disposable money for when the flowers eventually die, homeowners can find that something as simple as adding artificial orchids to a vase can look just as great as the real deal. Investing in quality artificial plants creates an authentic look without the commitment that comes with live flowers.

Keeping it simple with faux flower arrangements that include favorites like artificial orchids also opens up the aesthetic possibilities. Artificial floral arrangements allow for the incorporation of blooms that might not otherwise be accessible. 

Consider Home Decor Focal Points and Colors

There are some areas of the home that just naturally catch the eye. The dining room table and coffee table in the living room are often among them.

These spaces are great places to start when beginning to add floral arrangements into home decor. It doesn’t take much to elevate the look of a space with florals, particularly in those areas that stick to more neutral tones.

If a living room leans towards minimalistic decor, adding a collection of colorful artificial orchids or a bouquet of bright blooms is a great option to draw in the eye. If the home leans towards a more colorful aesthetic already, a more neutral floral arrangement in white or muted tones could be the right choice.

Mix and Match Greenery

Sometimes, the home decor really comes to life with a mix of real and artificial floral arrangements. When this is the case, incorporating greenery is a good way to bring it all together.

Feel free to include artificial greenery into your floral arrangements as needed. Vibrant synthetic grass can stand alone to balance out floral arrangements or can be used to fill out a bouquet.

Don’t Forget the Great Outdoors

Adding wonderful floral arrangements to the home includes attending to the exterior of the property too. Enhance the look of outdoor patios, decks, and porches by incorporating artificial floral arrangements here as well.

Highlight the arrangements year-round by giving them a pedestal to sit on that’s worth admiring. A 3-tier iron plant stand can be used to feature a variety of floral styles, colors, and arrangement combinations at once!


Here at Hemsly, we shop the world, so you don’t have to. We want to make sure that your home is decorated to the best of your ability. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. 

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