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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

How to Add Spring Colors into Your Home

Every year, people gear up for their annual spring cleaning. We prefer to focus our efforts on a little spring coloring. After a long, gray winter, we’re excited to see which vibrant shades are dominating Pantone’s color trend list so that we can draw inspiration for a room redo! 

There are endless possibilities when you want to introduce spring colors into your living space. Here, we’ll explore simple ways to add color, like displaying artificial plants, and take a look at bigger projects, like painting your walls, too.

Make a Game Plan

Before you buy new decor items, it’s important to be able to articulate the vision for your space. First, consider your existing furnishings. If you plan to leave large items like sofas untouched, figure out which bright spring shades will best complement them. It’s much more affordable to bring in color through smaller decorative items, like artificial plants, than it is to replace your living room set every time the seasons change. 

Paint (or Paper) an Accent Wall

Repainting a room in your home can feel like a massive undertaking. If you feel a little commitment-phobic about making drastic changes, you can start small by choosing an accent wall. An accent wall creates a focal point in a room because it provides a different color or wallcovering than the other walls in that space.

Because accent walls are intended to make a statement, you can be as bold as you’d like when it comes to your choice of color and pattern. If you opt to paint your accent wall, look for a super-saturated color. Feeling extra adventurous? Peel and stick botanical wallpaper can create visual interest, making decorative items like artificial plants really pop.

Give Metallic Finishes an Opportunity to Shine

Metallic decorative pieces are a great way to add color and texture to a room. Even at an affordable price point, metallic decor can look incredibly luxe and elevate your space. Flameless LED pillar candles encased in gold mirrored glass can add understated glamor to your bedroom. Meanwhile, a funky industrial metal sand timer can become a cool conversation piece as part of your living room decor.   

Mix Real and Artificial Plants

Nature provides us with beautiful design inspiration in the form of flowers. Filling a cute blue and white ceramic vase with colorful local blooms is a simple way to add character to your living space. Artificial plants like a red faux double orchid will continue to brighten your home long after the fresh flowers are gone. 

Add Layers with Colorful Textiles

Swapping out existing textiles in a room (or simply adding new ones) can make a huge difference to the look of a space. But even though this change can seem dramatic, it’s relatively easy to accomplish. Replacing the covers on your decorative pillows and draping a throw on your sofa can help to redefine your existing furniture. Switching a neutral rug in favor of a colorful floral one can complement other design touches, like sunny yellow faux orchids or other artificial plants.  

Color Your Life with Help from Hemsly

When the dreary doldrums of winter have finally passed, embrace the approaching spring season by adding some brightness and cheer to your decor. You can check out Hemsly’s carefully-curated selection of accessible decor online from the comfort of your own home. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us through our website.
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