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Home Decor Blog

Dorm Bathroom Storage Hacks

It’s that time of year again一the time when many parents drop their kids off at college campuses to begin the new school year. Whether it’s your kid’s first-ever semester living in a dorm or they’re returning after a summer at home, you probably want to help your college student make their dorm as comfortable as possible.

The biggest trick to organizing a dorm room is organizing the space and optimizing your storage. Dorms are small spaces with limited room for storage and organization. That is especially true for the dorm bathroom. Knowing how to store things and organize can really make a difference when it comes to dorm life.

5 Simple Storage and Organization Tips for Your Dorm Bathroom

Maybe you’re a parent helping organize your kid’s campus dwelling, or perhaps you’re a student trying to improve your dorm yourself. Either way, you want to send your kid off (or go off) prepared for every aspect of college life! That’s why we’re here to share these five simple storage and organization tips for a dorm bathroom:

Use Wire Mesh Baskets

Using wire mesh baskets is a great way to keep your child’s dorm bathroom organized and store the things they need. You can get a three-tier wire mesh basket and use it to store extra towels, toilet paper, toiletries, and more. That will make all of their bathroom needs easily accessible in one simple place.

Get a Shower Caddy

By far, the most useful storage and organization tool you can use when it comes to living in a dorm is a shower caddy. Whether it be a mesh shower tote or plastic basket, students want something to store their toiletries in and carry to wherever they need it. These tools are most useful in dorms with a shared bathroom to bring the toiletries back and forth with them.

Opt for Rolling Storage

Rolling storage and organization accessories are a great way to keep all of your bathroom needs in a tiny place. A rolling three-tier set of shelves or baskets can hold towels, toilet paper, bath products, and more. You can move these shelves and baskets easily from place to place since they’re on wheels. That will make things easy for your college student, helping them optimize their space by quickly moving their bathroom storage when needed.

Hang a Mirror on the Back of the Door

Thinking back to college, we remember all the times we rolled out of bed, 5 minutes before class and threw on some new clothes, brushed our teeth, and ran out the door! Having a fun mirror hanging in your bathroom allows you to see your bed head or any leftover toothpaste! Check out our awesome mirrors here to see which one fits your aesthetic best.

Hemsly Home Decor

If you or someone you know is moving into a dorm this fall, contact Hemsly today to see what options we have available! We have fun decor items, wall storage hooks, storage organizers, and so much more! If you want to stay up to date with our sales, giveaways, and new products, follow us on our social media. 

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