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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

Decorating Your Zoom Background

In the year 2020, it’s fair to say that the art of remote connection has become a top priority. As professionals move into remote offices and families stick close to home, the rise of the Zoom call has been fast and phenomenal.

As the world learns together how to connect over Zoom, the digital design hurdles are glaring. While it’s not essential to have a professionally designed background for those Zoom calls, it doesn’t take much to improve the look of your space significantly!

Clean up the Mess and Highlight a Statement Piece Instead

Whether you’re on a Zoom call for business or personal reasons, it’s no secret that nobody enjoys looking at someone else’s mess. Take time to clean up before you hit that join call button and fill in space behind you with a fun statement piece instead.

Something as simple as a sand timer placed on a nearby shelf can create an eye-catching focal point for Zoom guests. It would be just as effective to place a decorative globe on the desk next to you or behind you to create a more professional feel if the call is work-related.

Incorporate Plants Following the Rule of Three

When it comes to interior design, the same rule of three that works in person is just as effective over a Zoom call. Designers agree something is intriguing about decorative accent pieces situated in odd numbers. 

This technique draws the eye to multiple points and makes for an impressive and visually appealing background. Three artificial green plants placed on a shelf in varying sizes will do the trick when aiming for a Zoom call that’s more pleasing to the eye.

A Little Wall Art Goes a Long Way

It doesn’t have to be a Picasso but incorporating wall art into your Zoom call background is an excellent way to highlight a pop of personalized color and style. If you’re not one for bright hues, adding something more abstract to the background can have the same effect. Consider metal wall hangings that feature unique textures, so they really stand out.

Take Time to Incorporate the Right Amount of Light

One feature of a Zoom call that’s less problematic in person is the right amount of lighting. Far too often, Zoom participants find themselves either fading into the background in a space that’s too dark or blurred in excessive light. While it’s recommended that light sources be facing the participant for optimal light exposure, incorporating a flameless candle or two can be a nice touch. When paired up with the right lamps, this solution adds a warm glow to your Zoom call highlighting your best side.  

Pick out a Fun Pattern or Color

Expressing your personal sense of style can be more difficult over a virtual call, so let the background decor speak for you by adding at least one piece that highlights a fun pattern or hue. Whether it’s a bright faux orchid on the desk or a bold geometric end table sitting just to the side, your taste will radiate through the screen with ease.


Hemsly offers a wide variety of fun, exciting accent pieces that are sure to wow your bosses or colleagues. No matter who you are on a call with, you will be sure to stand out. If you have any questions or trouble ordering something, feel free to contact our customer service. And if you have purchased something from our site, tag us on Instagram! We love seeing how our customers decorate their homes with our products!

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