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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

Decorate Your Home for Summer

Summer is a season that calls you to get outside, enjoy warm weather, and spend time in the sunshine. When you’re not out making the most of the great outdoors, there’s no reason why your home decor can’t be used to make your interior spaces just as inviting during this refreshing season!

Little changes can go a long way when it comes to revitalizing your home decor.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate a touch of coastal flair or can’t wait to integrate some travel-specific pieces that speak to your adventures, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more at Hemsly.

Capture the Essence of the Coast Through Home Decor

While summer is the season for vacationing and spending ample time on sunny shorelines, it’s just as easy to bring that inviting coastal vibe inside with the right home decor items. 

Consider adding a collection of artificial palm trees to your living room, dining room, or outdoor patio when you want to reimagine your entertainment areas with a bit of shoreline-inspired charm.

If your aesthetic leans more towards the style of Cape Cod, bring coastal flavor to life by placing a few Nantucket blue vases on the kitchen counter. The refreshing whites and blues reflect the beauty of the waves and summer clouds right inside.

The Beauty of the World Reflected Right in Your Living Room

Pay homage to the trips you’ve taken or long to take this summer by integrating a few purposeful pieces into your home decor. The Hemsly global collection is a great place to start when you’re on the hunt for those desktop globes, Eiffel Tower statues, elephant figurines, and decorative hourglasses that keep your summer focus firmly on travel.

Vintage Florals to Elevate Rustic Charm

While there’s something to be said for keeping up with the latest trends, there’s just as much value in turning to vintage aesthetics when you want to bring summer style to life!

This summer, harness the beauty of vintage chic decor in your home by including a tapered cottage pitcher or a farmers’ market embossed round pitcher to your kitchen. However, you want to keep in mind these are decorations and should not be used to hold drinks or food!

The light colors are an ideal fit for the season. Adding a few sprigs of greenery or artificial blooms will finish off the look perfectly.

Bring the Greenery Indoors 

Nothing says summer, like plenty of greenery. When you’re upgrading the seasonal look of your home, bring the plants inside! There’s no need to hassle with watering when you go with artificial greenery instead.

Mix and match textures and sizes for a more authentic look in the home. Feel free to pair succulents with palms as a way to draw attention to one area of the room. Many homeowners will find that combining real and artificial plants fills out the look even further!

Find Everything You Need at Hemsly

Ready to bring your summertime dreams to life? Find everything you need to update your home decor for summer at Hemsly. From accent pieces to the perfect pop of color, we’ll help you to elevate the style of your home.

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