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Home Decor Blog

Best Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Transforming a small bedroom into a peaceful oasis of personal style is far from impossible when you have the right storage organizers in place. Whether your small bedroom merely is for rest or the place you work, study, and relax — a strategic organization can enhance a small bedroom’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

Consider Wall Shelving That Brings Style and Adds Space

Getting the clutter up and off the floor is a must when transitioning a small bedroom into an efficient and stylish abode. Elevate organizational standards by adding a collection of eye-catching wall shelves to the room.

These shelving options have the capacity to double as storage organizers for smaller items that would otherwise be taking up space. Selecting shelving options in bold, geometric designs is an excellent way to incorporate customized taste into the room’s decor.

See the Possibilities of Headboards as Storage Organizers

Ideally, every small bedroom would be outfitted with a bed that includes under-the-frame storage options. Unfortunately, this solution can come with a hefty price tag that puts it out of reach.

Instead, spend less on an option with just as much added storage at a fraction of the cost by investing in a headboard with built-in storage organizers. Storage-specific headboards frequently include drawers as well as shelving space at the top.

Consider Adding a Multi-Tiered Nightstand to Your Collection of Storage Organizers

There’s more to a nightstand than meets the eye, particularly when you’re hoping to add space to a small bedroom. When you need to create functional space, repurposing a multi-tiered utility basket as a nightstand can get the job done.

The sleek design of a multi-tiered nightstand works well in combination with any other decor options. These storage organizers also come with triple the space of a single-drawer nightstand.

While many people get stuck on the idea that a single nightstand is sufficient, balancing out the aesthetic with two of these multi-tiered utility basket nightstands works just as well. Create even more space by placing one on either side of the bed.

Try Tall Shelving Options in Place of Bulky Dressers

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when organizing a small bedroom is finding space for clothing. As the collection grows, it’s tempting to turn to bulky dressers and oversized wardrobes as storage solutions.

Instead of having these features eat up space in the room, try tall shelving options instead. These storage organizers utilize vertical space in the bedroom, freeing up square footage on the floor for daily use.

Storage Options That Expand on Potential 

It’s true that there might not be much you can do about the physical size of a bedroom. That said, incorporating the right storage options can open up the space that is available in a brand-new way!


Customers that use specialized organizational decor from Hemsly to make the room bigger will find themselves immersed in a space that speaks to efficiency and style. Enjoying your bedroom doesn’t have to involve drastic changes when simple storage options can make all the difference.

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