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Home Decor Blog

A Guide to Hemsly's Spring Collection

Spring is a season of fresh starts. It’s a time of year to put frigid, drab days behind you, and look forward to turning the page on new beginnings.

At Hemsly, our spring collection is made to match. We’ve paired the products that are designed to bring the colors, vibrancy, and freshness of the season to life both inside and outside of the home!

As nature revitalizes its color palette this spring, we invite our customers to do the same. Our limited-time spring collection provides just the right combination of products to spruce up any room or outdoor patio.

A Fresh and Functional Spring Collection

The flowers may be starting to bloom outside, but our spring collection provides the option of bringing that same beauty indoors! Artificial orchid arrangements and blossoms are sure to add a splash of color to every interior. They really stand out when placed on a new accent table featuring a fresh design to honor the season of renewal.

Consider pairing those same colorful orchids with a decorative greenery box to elevate the feel of authentic springtime elements without having to worry about watering. Our leafy green potted plant is ideal when added texture would be welcome in the mix, and a tapered cottage pitcher on the kitchen table further enhances the seasonal charm.

Outdoor Springtime Extras

While our springtime collection is certainly functional, it’s also about fun! When you’re looking to spruce up a patio or deck with something eye-catching and unique, hanging a colorful butterfly wind chime will do the trick.

Access the spirit of the season by incorporating a hanging vine double birdfeeder into your outdoor collection. This springtime collection favorite lets you welcome back feathered friends with one-of-a-kind style.

While your yard is in the process of coming back to life this spring, stay a step ahead by incorporating some sprouted ornamental grass in the meantime! This beautiful greenery looks stunning indoors, but if you choose to use them on a patio or deck, be sure to pair them up at varying levels on an iron plant stand featuring no less than six tiers.

A Versatile Array of Products to Choose From

The beauty of our spring collection truly lies in its versatility. Nearly every product we offer our customers can be mixed and matched to work indoors or outside as needed.

Our welcome sign is a wonderful example! While welcoming in the spring season, invite your guests into your home as well by adding this decorative metal decor piece to an entryway or above a mud bench in your home.

The durability of this metal sign makes it ideal for a patio wall, too. Wherever it hangs, it spreads a positive message, providing a lovely contrast to the emerging colors of the spring season.

Spring has a way of surprising and delighting us with its subtle changes. The same concept can be practical when it comes to seasonal decor. Consider placing three mini boxwoods on a coffee table as a minimal yet eye-catching nod to the springtime changes ahead.


Hemsly curates the perfect collections for you to match all your home decor! If you don’t have the best eye for interior design, or need a tad bit of help, we have you covered! Stay tuned for future collections, and get this collection before it expires!

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