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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

A Guide to Hemsly's Coastal Collection

When summer is right around the corner, many people have exciting getaways on the mind. While spending time on the sand and under the sun is ideal, there’s no reason that you can’t bring that same vibe into your home decor, keeping the coastal ambiance alive all year long! 

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When you’re looking for a one-stop resource to revamp an interior space with a sense of the shoreline, Hemsly’s coastal collection is just the place you’ve been searching for. Focused on casual home decor, this collection makes it refreshingly simple to create a sophisticated yet welcoming coastal space right in your own home.

Home Decor that Speaks to Coastal Style

Your home is meant to be an oasis of comfort. When your personal tranquility includes sunny shores and lapping waters, bring the coastal aesthetic back home with you. Nothing gives your personal retreat a laid-back vibe, quite like the inspired pieces that make up the Hemsly coastal collection.

While you can mix and match pieces as you see fit, the foundation of this one-of-a-kind collection rests on color palettes that showcase fresh whites and splashes of blue. These inviting shades can be seamlessly paired with weathered woods to add coastal warmth and a refreshed energy to any space.

Purposeful coastal home decor has a way of helping homeowners to indulge in their happy place right within their own four walls. When you might not be on the beach, it’s easy to find destination inspiration in a living room that showcases a towering artificial palm paired with a daydream shore vase or two.

The coastal collection combines the best natural elements with resort-inspired accents that create an atmosphere of casual sophistication. For example, pairing some beautiful artificial lush grass foliage with a set of Nantucket blue vases is a good strategy when you’re looking to capture the feeling of the Cape right at home.

Coastal-Inspired Design Elements at Every Turn

Within the Hemsly coastal collection, home decor and style are undeniably elevated. From stunning white orchids that bring beauty to any surface to natural-ringed round wall mirrors that incorporate some rugged charm to the aesthetic, homeowners will find a coastal ambiance simple to embrace.

Whether you’re filling one of the collection’s three-tiered wall shelves with seashells and flameless candles or topping an industrial double-drawer side table with a mini potted palm, small changes go a long way towards achieving incredible results.  

From 54-inch artificial palms for a deck to a fluted flair pitcher placed on the counter, the pieces in this collection reflect coastal living at their finest.

Bringing Beach Life to Your Home

The Hemsly coastal collection is designed with all types of home decor in mind. We’ve made it simple to add as many or as few elements into a room’s aesthetic as you’d like.

The beauty of interior design has always been freedom, flexibility, and creativity. When you browse our coastal collection, it’s impossible to go wrong. Every accessory you add speaks to a unique sense of coastal style that’s entirely your own. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us!

Happy decorating!

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