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Home Decor Blog

Home Decor Blog

10 Fun and Creative Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

When it comes to intriguing home decor strategies, a blank wall isn’t a problem. Instead, think of it as an empty canvas full of design potential! 

No matter what your home decor preferences may be, there are just as many fun and creative ways to spruce up empty wall space. The following items are ten ideas for turning a blank wall into a decorative art piece—from small additions that make a big difference to large elements that add functionality.

1. Mirrors

A blank wall in the home is an opportunity to enhance the overall sense of space available. Make your home decor scheme brighter and more inviting by adding a collection of wall mirrors with an accent that matches your interior design scheme. For example, if your space gives off a farmhouse or country vibe, consider this rustic wall mirror.

Mirrors are great ways to fill an empty wall space. They reflect natural light and open up a room without adding a single square foot to the floorplan or taking up valuable floor space. 

2. Shelving

Turning a blank wall into an art gallery of sorts is simple when you add a couple of tiered wall shelves to the surface, especially if you have just a small space to work with. Mix and match shelf shapes, and display the pictures and novelties you love front and center.

3. Figurines 

If you put shelves up on a blank wall, but you leave the shelves empty, you’ll have just about the same problem you started with. Instead, fill your wall shelves with collectible figurines like this sleek, contemporary decorative face vase or this playful black cat figurine

4. Greenery

When designing a welcoming home decor standard, bringing the outdoors inside is a good place to start. If you have a blank wall to work with, consider lining it with a collection of plant stands of varying heights, then topping each with some faux greenery

5. Abstract Metal Art

Adding a piece of abstract art or two to a blank wall is an excellent way to incorporate a modern and creative touch into any home. Mixing and matching wood and metal varieties can make for a lovely aesthetic that blends varying textures and styles.

6. Positive Message Wall Decor

If you’re looking for something unique and arresting to add to your blank wall, consider metal message wall decor. Suppose the blank wall is in your hallway, entryway, or kitchen. In that case, a piece displaying a handwritten message like “Family” or “Welcome” will really warm up the room and fill the space. If you’re decorating a living room or dining room, consider a more formal decoration, like this spiral abstract wall decor.

7. Hooks

Are you trying to fill a wall in your entryway or foyer? If so, then a wall organizer like this Bamboo Basket Weave 6-Hook Wall Decor is the perfect accessory to take up some empty space. Not only does this product function as an organizational tool, but it comes in various colors, styles, and materials, so you can match the hooks to your interior design scheme. 

8. Elegant Metal Wall Decor

Are you looking to add a touch of sophistication to your blank wall? These hearts flourish scrollwork wall art is a wonderful ornamental accent piece, and it will elevate just about any room in your house. 

9. Memo Board

Here’s another wall accessory that, like hooks, serves a decorative and functional purpose. Use a hangable message center like this dual barn door memo board on your kitchen or office wall to post messages, schedules, lists, and more.

10. Organizers

Even though these items don’t hang on the wall, wire mesh organizers will help liven up any blank wall. These units stand tall and take up considerable blank wall space. You can fill them with books or fun, decorative objects like this modern globe. Place pieces of art or metal decor on the wall space around these organizers to complete the design. 

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