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Something that is designed nicely and on trend should not be saved for only one type of person.
- Michael, Co-Founder at Hemsly

Frequently Asked Questions

Your item will be shipped from our warehouse within one business day.

Hemsly products are made in China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia & Philippines.

Copy and paste your tracking number into Google. Depending on the speed of service you requested, Google will give you a timeline.

Click here to return a product to Hemsly.

Hemsly products are currently not available in retail stores.

Yes, we do offer special items in bulk to wholesalers and distributors. Visit our contact page to send us an email.

Hemsly can help you create the complete interior design your clients want.

Hemsly is a designer-focused purveyor of unique, high-quality faux plants and home decor.

Learn more about how we help interior designers and others with our bulk ordering options.

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